IoT Lab has unique expertise in privacy and personal data protection. It works in close cooperation with the European Center for Certification an Privacy (ECCP) in Luxembourg, the Italian Institute for Privacy (IIP) and privacy experts from Archimede Solutions in Geneva.

  • Consulting
  • GDPR Audit and Gap Analysis
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Data Protection by Design
  • DPO service
  • Europrivacy Certification Readiness
  • Online services
  • DP-ID
  • Privacy Pact

Privacy App

IoTLab - Privacy App

Developped through the Sinchronicity research project, the Privacy App supports privacy-by-design smart cities and citizens’ personal data protection.. Privacy App is an online mobile application that allows inhabitants of a city to monitor data protection in their place of residence, identify and share information on all communicating objects (Internet of Things) deployed in public space, and to identify and notify any deployment of communicating objects that are new in their environment.

It enables cities and citizens to work together to ensure privacy-by-design smart city environment. The main goal of the application is to enhance information and transparency on the Internet of Things deployment in public space.