Analyze & Prioritize

Focusing on Your Needs and Priorities

With expertise in co-creation methodologies and focus groups, IoT Lab will help you analyze and specify your needs and requirements from an end-user perspective. We will complete our analysis by cost benefits analysis enabling you to dimension your needs and make the right decisions.

Focusing on Your Needs and Priorities

Design & Plan

Selecting and Planning Optimal Solutions

IoT Lab will help you identify, compare and select the adequate technology through a comparative analysis of solutions and technologies. Once the technology has been chosen, we will enable you to test and validate it with a proof of concept. Once validated, we help you design and optimize the architecture of your deployment with a privacy and data protection-by-design approach. We will then deliver a clear IoT deployment plan and specifications for suppliers and technology providers

IotLab - focus

Deploy & Integrate

Deploying and Integrating your Solution

IoT Lab supports you in your tender process, including where required through sample testing. It can take care of the platform deployment and systems integration, including with legacy systems.

IotLab - Deploy

Test & Validate

Assessing and Validating Deployments

IoT Lab supports both technological validation of IoT deployments through conformance, performance and interoperability tests onsite and in laboratory. It can complement these tests with end-user tests and validations.

IotLab - test code

IoT as a Service

Control and Monitor your IoT Deployments

IoT Lab provides you with a full range of solutions and platforms to monitor your deployment with over 50 different IoT standards and communication protocols.

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IoTLab - IOT Service