International expertise for digital transformation, Internet of Things, and data protection

Born in the European research programme, IoT Lab gives you access to the latest technologies and international expertise to support your digital transformation. It offers a one-stop shop for your projects. It delivers flexible, robust and cost-efficient solutions, leveraging experience in large scale projects and deployments across Europe.

Our Mission

To support digital transformation
with innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.

A World Class Expertise

IoT Lab supports you with international experts in digital transformation from industry, accademy and major organisations such as IoT Forum, IPv6 Forum, TM Forum, FIWARE, International Telecommunication Union, Open Agile Smart Cities Initiative, European Center for Certification and Privacy (ECCP), Future Internet Public Private Partnership. IoT Lab is official FIWARE iHub for Switzerland, TMForum lead partner for IoT, Europrivacy official partner, and member of the Metaverse Forum. Discover our Board of Experts.

Our Distinct Value Proposition

A one-stop shop for:

  • Customized services and solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Project development, from strategy and architecture design, to deployment, test and validation, maintenance and audits.
  • Multidisciplinary expertise encompassing ICT and networking technologies, artificial intelligence, extended reality and metaverse, data protection and regulatory compliance, end-user experience optimization, sustainable development, etc.
  • Multiple application domains experience, including with smart cities, smart agriculture, smart transportation, connected vehicles, smart factory and industry, smart energy and water management, etc.
  • Agile, scalable and cost-efficient services, including pay as you use option.
  • Robust and sustainable technologies, leveraging open and interoperable standards to prevent any business lock-in.
  • Green and privacy by design solutions.  

IoT Lab provides access to:

  • latest technology and innovations from international research with a network of over 150 research organisations in 22 countries.
  • Experts in standards and interoperability, including rapporteurs, chairs and experts at ITU, ISO, IETF, IEEE, W3C, OGC, ETSI, etc.
  • largest Europan ICT testbed and research infrastructure with over 40 testbeds and unique testing tools to assess and validate emerging technologies before deploying them.

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Our Services and Expertise

IoT and Digital transformation

Digital Transformation and IoT

IoT Lab supports your digital transformation, from requirements, strategy and architecture design, to technology selection, deployment, integration, test, validation, support and maintenance. It brings you expertise in data spaces, interoperability and highly scalable IoT solutions. It will help you identify and select future-proof technologies and integrate heterogeneous technologies, including legacy systems, into interoperable platforms to prevent any technology lock-in. IoT Lab will address your challenges with tailored, smart, secure and interoperable solutions.

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Smart Cities Services

Smart Cities Services

IoT Lab offers a complete set of services for smart cities, including:

  • Expertise and support for smart city solutions design and deployment, leveraging on experience gained with large scale deployments across Europe.
  • Smart City applications and services for waste collection, water management, air quality, transportation, parking, privacy, etc.
  • Planning, deploying and integrating smart city platforms with any IoT technology and open source frameworks such as FIWARE and TMF Open APIs.
  • Co-creation methodologies to engage with citizens and other stakeholders when designing, assessing and validating smart city projects.

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Privacy, Data Protection and Security

Privacy, Data Protection, and Security

As official Europrivacy partner of the European Center for Certification and Privacy (ECCP), IoT Lab pool of experts in cyberscurity, data protection and regulatory compliance will address your needs such as:

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) in conformity with Art. 35 GDPR.
  • Supporting privacy and data protection by design and by default in line with Art. 25 GDPR.
  • Audit of compliance with European and Swiss regulations (GDPR, NIS, ePrivacy, Swiss Federal Data Protection Act, etc.).
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) services to comply with the GDPR obligations.
  • Preparation to Europrivacy GDPR certification of your data processing.
  • Cybersecurity Systemic Assessment of Risks (CSAR) methodology.

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Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

As a research lab actively engaged in international and European research projects, IoT Lab is keen to address your needs in terms of research and development. IoT Lab is a founder and partner of SLICES, the largest European ICT research infrastructure.  It has direct access to over 40 testbeds and 5’000 motes across Europe to develop and validate innovative solutions. It is equipped to run performance, conformance and security tests. It helps you select future proof technologies to reduce the risk to invest in the wrong technology and select the best one. IoT Lab masters co-creation methodology, end-user and pervasive tests to maximize end-user acceptance in operational environments.

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Technology Transfer and Standardization

Technology Transfer and Standardization

IoT Lab is actively engaged in standardization with major standards development organizations. It supports innovative technologies transfer to the industry and where applicable to standardization processes. Read more about Standardization

Expertise in Sustainable Development

IoT Lab channels useful IoT technologies and solutions from the research and the industry to build a more sustainable future. It is the reference centre of the IAM4SDG methodology developed through the European research programme. It enables to assess the impact and align projects with sustainable development principles and objectives as defined by the UN. It also contributed to the International Declaration on IoT for Sustainable Development and supports the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. Read more about Sustainable Development