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SLICES Swiss Cluster Overview

SLICES is building a European-wide research infrastructure to support research and innovation with information and communication technologies, future networks and digital transformation, including Internet of Things, edge computing and cloud computing. Endorsed by ESFRI, SLICES will provide advanced testbed infrastructure and tools, including compute, storage and network components, interconnected by dedicated high-speed links that will federate and mutualize resources made available by diverse universities and research centres.

SLICES is organized in national nodes or clusters that are participating in the governance of the research infrastructure. The Swiss cluster of SLICES is supported by IoT Lab and gathers the largest Swiss universities and research centres. Through its members, the Swiss cluster is directly involved in the design, development and governance of SLICES.

The objectives of the Swiss Cluster of SLICES are:

  • to support the development of SLICES;
  • to mobilise and coordinate the participation of the Swiss research community and its institutions in the development and implementation of SLICES;
  • to support cooperation and mutualization of research infrastructures at national level among Swiss research organizations;
  • to support the technical integration of Swiss research infrastructures into SLICES at European level.;
  • to support and ensure a full access of researchers and innovators based in Switzerland to this new research infrastructure.

The Swiss cluster is also a leading hub of SLICES for research on:

  • Internet of Things and digital transformation;
  • application domains such as smart cities, energy, and health;
  • data protection and privacy enhancing technologies;
  • interoperability and standardization;
  • sustainable development.

The Swiss cluster is also leveraging its vicinity to international organizations for supporting the international cooperation and standardization strategy of SLICES.

Contact and coordination for the Swiss Cluster of SLICES (SLICES-CH)

IoT Lab / Mandat International
Biotech Campus – 15 Avenue de Secheron
1201 Geneva – Switzerland