Our SDG commitments

Building a Better and Sustainable World

IoT Lab is committed to building a better and sustainable world for the present and future generations.

We reduce our CO2 emissions:

  • Encourage remote home working
  • Privilege the use of renewable energy
  • Use CO2 neutral servers
  • Encourage walk, bike, and train riding

We minimize our environmental footprint:

  • Dematerialization of our products and services
  • Support paperless management
  • Three dimensional continuous process optimization: time, material and environmental footprint
  • Use of recycled paper and print cartridge

We protect the environment and the biodiversity:

  • Recycle our wastes
  • Refuse products and furniture coming from deforestation
  • Support biodiversity

We enhance effective personal data protection by design:

  • Follow privacy and data protection by design
  • Support research and cooperation on data protection
  • Develop innovative services and applications for privacy

We build a mutually supportive community caring for each-other:

  • Community support and chaperoning
  • Knowledge sharing through conferences, webinars and our online library
  • International cooperation and dialogue through events and conferences

We are actively engaged in research and innovation:

  • Born in the research community
  • Participating in international research projects
  • Continuous innovation culture: Kaizen!