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  • A holistic and user-friendly tool to help you identify the risks and opportunities for the SDGs deriving from your organisation/project’s activities?
  • Personalised guidance to help you define the adequate risk mitigation actions and opportunities implementation strategies to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?
  • An ‘out-of-the-box’ methodology for beginners and experts, that will help you discover the topic of SDGs?
  • Help with raising awareness on the SDGs in the context of your activities?

IAM4SDG is the tool for you!

What is IAM4SDG?

IAM4SDG is Impact Assessment for the SDGs methodology developed in the course of the NAIADES Horizon 2020 research project. It provides a formal and well-structured methodology enabling stakeholders to systematically assess the potential negative and positive impacts of a project on the SDGs and to translate the results into a practical action plan to better align their activities with the SDGs. Beyond its formal results, IAM4SDG can also contribute to raising awareness of the SDG requirements in a project.

It has two objectives:

  1. Identify & mitigate potential risks and negative impacts of the assessed project on the 17 SDGs
  2. Identify & leverage potential positive impacts

Why should you use IAM4SDG, and how can your organisation benefit from it?

IAM4SDG, in contrast to classical Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), provides a practical tool to measure the impact of a specific project that goes beyond the simple evaluation of risks for the environment. Indeed, IAM4SDG enlarges the perspectives in two directions by (1) considering the whole set of SDGs and (2) identifying and considering both potential positive and negative impacts of the project for the SDGs achievement, instead of only the risks.
The methodology will be particularly helpful if you are starting a new project and want to understand holistically how this specific project will influence the SDGs. This will help you maximise your positive impact on sustainable development matters while minimising potentially counteractive consequences. In addition, IAM4SDG seeks to encourage you to familiarise yourself better with the various aspects of sustainable development while also inviting you to think “outside of the box” by making you consider possible connections between your project and the impact on sustainable development. As a consequence, IAM4SDG allows you to be better equipped to prioritise future actions while learning about the opportunities and difficulties of implementing the SDGs.

Who should apply IAM4SDG?

IAM4SDG intends to evaluate activities according to their impact on the 17 SDGs. It is thus recommended that all actors who plan to launch or get involved in a new project or activity should previously apply the methodology. The targeted actors, therefore, include, amongst others, public authorities, industries, researchers, policymakers, project evaluators and project managers.

How does it work?

The methodology consists of six phases that need to be carried out in consecutive order.

IAM4SDG - six phases

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