13 Good reasons to work with us

1. Top-level experts in IoT and digital transformation, including the Presidents of the IoT Forum, IPv6 Forum,
Europrivacy, Smart City Lab.
2. Client-centric approach to address your specific needs.
3. Agile and cost-efficient model to save costs and to avoid fix charges with a pay as you use model.
4. Direct connection to the European research community and to a network of over 150 research partners in 22
countries in order to access the latest research and innovation results and select future-proof technologies.
5. Experience with large-scale projects and deployments, including large European cities.
6. Unique expertise in over 50 IoT and M2M standards and communication protocols and interoperability to
ensure legacy integration and prevent vendor lock-in.
7. Active engagement in the standardization to anticipate upcoming technologies and norms.
8. Multidisciplinary team including ICT experts and engineers, lawyers, economists, auditors and
9. Experience across various verticals, including smart cities, medical data, telecom sector, smart industry, energy,
connected vehicles, smart buildings, water management and smart agriculture.
10. Expertise in IPv6 and 5G and highly scalable network architecture and deployment strategies, from the core to
the edge, including network slicing technologies.
11. Access to the largest European testbed infrastructure encompassing over 5000 end nodes for testing and
validating solutions.
12. Data protection expertise and Europrivacy official partner to deliver data protection impact assessment, privacy
by design, audit and gap analysis, Swiss and GDPR certification.
13. Sustainable development and SDGs expertise to minimize your environmental and climatic footprint.