FIWARE is the world leader in open-source solutions for smart cities. IoT Lab is the FIWARE iHub for Switzerland. It serves as official center for FIWARE platform technology deployment and support, by providing a one-stop shop service for digital innovation in a given region. It also supports cooperation with the FIWARE community at the international level.

IotLab - FIWARE iHubs Logo

As the Western Switzerland FIWARE iHub, IoT Lab iHub offers a number of services to support adoption and implementation of FIWARE. We can support you through the whole life cycle of your platform, from its design to its deployment and maintenance. IoT Lab follows the five phases – Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluationincluding:

    1. Requirement analysis
    2. Architecture design
    3. Deployment plan and support
    4. Integration
    5. Test and validation
    6. Capacity building

Coaching and Training

In its quality of FIWARE iHub, IoT Lab can set up and deliver modular courses encompassing the complete set of knowledge and tools necessary to deploy and maintain FIWARE platforms and solution. IoT Lab adapts to different levels of expertise and roles to help adopters become autonomous.